Get Strong (Not Small)

Fitness for Feminists is a body-positive organization that helps people feel stronger and cultivate a healthy relationship with their bodies. 


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Amina D.

"Working with Shannon has made me feel strong and committed to maintaining a regular healthy workout habit that I can sustain."


My Story

Making a Positive Impact

My name is Shannon Walsh and I’m a strength and nutrition coach from Cambridge, MA. I want to move the fitness industry away from its focus on aesthetics and instead focus on health. In other words, I want to help you to focus less on what your body looks like and more on what your body can do. Together, let’s stop lamenting our lack of a thigh gap and instead rejoice in our ability to move—to squat, run, jump, climb, crawl, and play! Let’s get over the shame of having human bodies with human imperfections. Let’s learn how to move more efficiently with less pain. Let’s find power in our legs and stability in our core. Let’s get strong (not small)!


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