testimonials: AMIna D.

Although I often walked several miles a day, I did not have a regular exercise plan. I wanted to become stronger and fitter to avoid some of the risks of aging, such as falls, broken bones, high blood pressure, and diabetes. I also wanted to lose some weight. I joined Healthworks when I retired in early 2015. For a year, I worked with a personal trainer, took some yoga classes, and used the elliptical and treadmill. Finally, I joined a bootcamp, led by Coach Shannon, in 2016.


When I started, I didn’t think that I would be able to handle more intensive exercise. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others in the class — they were much younger than I. Fortunately, Shannon was sensitive to participants’ different fitness levels and capabilities; she provided alternate exercises and adjusted weights when needed. She constantly pushed us to challenge ourselves and to try to add more effort to our workouts.​

With Shannon’s encouragement, I became stronger and more confident in my ability do more and to keep up with — and sometimes surpass — my classmates. Many exercises that used to intimidate me, like box jumps and single-leg deadlifts, I now do without hesitation. My arms and core have become stronger and my balance has improved over time.

The bootcamp includes nutritional counseling that I have found helpful. I haven’t lost all the weight that I would like, but I have improved the way I approach food and eat a more healthful diet. Shannon understands my food issues and provides practical and realistic approaches to addressing them. I feel better about my eating habits and, consequently, about myself.

Shannon’s knowledgeable and practical approach to integrating exercise, nutrition, and positive attitudes has motivated me to continue to exercise regularly and push myself to do more.

Working with her is also fun. She designs her workouts so that they vary from session to session while building on previously acquired skills. She is friendly, informal, and non-judgmental, which helps build camaraderie among the class participants. I always look forward to class.


When my daughter needed to work with a personal trainer to improve her strength and flexibility as she recovered from a back injury, I did not hesitate to recommend Shannon. I was confident that Shannon would provide skilled and sensitive guidance and support. I was not disappointed.

Building a fitness routine is hard. I have fallen on and off that wagon many times in my life. Working with Shannon has made me feel strong and committed to maintaining a regular healthy workout habit that I can sustain.

-Amina D

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