testimonials: beth M.

When Shannon called to offer me a session, I had been thinking about how to change my routine, so I said yes. I had been trying to get into an exercise habit, and would sometimes have a good thing going, but I’d always fall off and not work out for long stretches. I did group classes, yoga, I tried running — but it didn’t stick with me. I wasn’t really interested in personal training; in my previous experience the trainer pushed me hard, but didn’t understand my goals. I often felt that I was just a body to be made thinner — the assumption being that that’s what everyone wants. I fully expected that I’d have 2 or 3 sessions with Shannon and then be on my way...now it’s been 5 years!

No one had ever really asked me about my goals until I started working with Shannon. I wanted to be pain free (I’d had some back and shoulder pain); I wanted to be stronger so I could do everyday things without thinking about them, like climb the stairs with groceries; and I wanted to do things like hike or cross country ski with greater ease. All of those goals have been met — and more...

Some of my greatest achievements have been mental. I’ve broken out of the box I had put myself in — I no longer think I can only do group classes or that I’m not strong or capable — and regular but fun exercise has reduced my stress and anxiety. I have learned that I can push myself further than I thought. Physically I’ve had some great surprises! I can see changes in my body that I really didn’t think were possible. I am much stronger and lifting weights has not only made me see and feel my muscles, but it gave me greater confidence in myself and my capabilities. I think of myself differently as a direct result of working with Shannon.

Shannon has become part of my life  — and my family and friends know about her. They have all seen a change in me over the years  — at first remarking on how I looked different, then on how strong I was (if there was occasion to lift something!). Those closest to me can see how my regular routine helps w/ stress. Working out regularly with Shannon has just become part of who I am.

I continue to set new goals, but with the same basic concepts that I started with  — being pain free, getting stronger, having fun. I have had many small victories over the years and there are more ahead! I’m not bored by my workout routine. I look forward to it as time for me to focus and take some downtime — mental, not physical!

I would recommend Shannon to anyone who wants to be stronger, fitter, and more confident, and who wants to be thoughtful about it. Shannon is very conscious of proper form and how the body works together and she has an amazing ability to meet her clients where they are  — pushing when necessary and giving leeway when appropriate. Essentially, Shannon can provide all of the benefits of a “regular” trainer with many added benefits — she understands more about your body and nutrition; she can teach you how to listen to your body so you know when you can ramp things up or bring them down; and she can help you recognize the control you have over your body without becoming obsessive.

- Beth M.

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