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Meet Suhayl!

Hey! Below, check out my interview with Suhayl Ramirez, Fitness for Feminists’ “Whole Hedonism” columnist.

  • What's your name?

  • Suhayl Ramirez. You can find me talking about what I eat and how I move sometimes on Instagram as @wholehedonist — although I may post more as a way to add an extra layer of accountability...

  • Why do you call your column Whole Hedonism? What does the concept of whole hedonism mean to you?

  • ​I am SO glad you asked! It means a few things:

My personal version of being healthy and strong is 360 degrees and balanced. It’s specific to me and it doesn’t look like anyone else’s healthy and strong. The 360 wellness idea is not new and I can thank Gianne Doherty from Organic Bath Co. and the W.E.L.L. Summit for putting words to something I’d always felt but didn’t know how to articulate. She’s awesome and I am a fan of so many things she does.

So to put it in my own terms, the Whole part is moving my body, filling it with good food, making sure I engage in physical self-care (massages, floats, skin care) and emotional self-care (like keeping up with therapy appointments and unapologetically prioritizing myself when I need to).

The Hedonist part is about relentlessly pursuing pleasure in everything I do (even the workouts). I can indulge in a porterhouse and scotch and still make it to personal training the next day. Indulging is just as much a part of my health as deadlifts are because of the balance they afford me. I really believe in a little vice with your virtue.

  • What brought you to Fitness for Feminists?

  • Being strong makes a lot more sense to me than being thin. Fitness for Feminists resonates with me. I am a feminist who is tired of being told that there is only one way to be healthy or look healthy.

  • How do you spend most of your time?

  • Most of my time is spent talking about chocolate and dreaming of deadlifts when I'm not actually doing one.

  • How do you wish you spent most of your time?

  • Eating chocolate and actually doing deadlifts. Preferably by the beach and with a rum drink as a reward.

  • What’s your favorite rum drink? Our readers will want to know this.

  • Do I have to choose only one??? Ok how about my top three:

  • Hemingway Daiquiri

  • Old Cuban

  • Rum and Coke

  • If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want to have with you?

  • SPF30, waterproof strike-anywhere matches, Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" on an iPod.

  • Just the one album?

  • Welllllllllll if I had my druthers, then an Ipod full of all my favorite music including, but not limited to: Prince, La Lupe, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this publicly) Kanye West...

  • If you could choose your own name, what would it be and why?

  • I would still definitely have a name that's challenging to pronounce and impossible to gender so that people who use it really have to think about it before they say it.

  • Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly? Why?

  • Definitely breathe under water, because I'm pretty sure I was a mermaid (or at least a pirate) in another life. But also, because I know I could eventually evolve for flight.

  • That’s so funny. I would definitely choose flight even though I LOVE the ocean and being underwater. But whenever I realize I’m dreaming, I think, “Awesome, now fly!” OK, now, if you were breathing underwater, would you live there or would you split your time on land?


  • What's your favorite way to workout?

  • I really love dance classes like BodyJam and Zumba, but that's where my group class love ends. If I'm weight training I prefer one-on-one or solo training. Solo training I can put on my headphones and zone out on my ridiculously juvenile, terribly raunchy playlists. I also really enjoy boxing (training and spectating) and I want to get more of that training into the mix for myself so I can fully realize my bad-ass superagent abilities.

  • What are your favorite songs to deadlift to?

  • The O-Ren ishii Monologue from Kill Bill ( I know it’s not a song, but IDC IDC IDC) then Barracuda by Heart, Mama Said Knock you Out by LL Cool J, Fight the Power by Public Enemy… This is not a full on comprehensive list but that’s where I would start for sure…

  • If you woke up tomorrow and your life was ideal, what would have changed?

  • Everything. Ideal is scary and hard to maintain.

  • Agreed, so let’s make it more manageable. If you woke up tomorrow and one thing in your life had magically improved, what would that be?


  • Have you planned for the Trumpocalypse?

  • I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about how to craft a "bug out bag" and up the ante on survival skills like hunting, building a fire, etc. Oh... Is that just me? #nevernormalizefortyfive

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