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Happy New Year! Now What?

I wrote the following post on January 2, 2018:

I don’t make resolutions. I am not, however, opposed to goal setting and affirmation and visioning. (If visioning is “too woowoo” for you, feel free to find another corner of the health and wellness internet. The woo is very much a part of my journey and it’s here to stay.)

You got to know a bit about me during my chat with Shannon, so now let’s peel back a few more layers. My fitness journey started when I was 9 years old and my mother decided to put us on the spartan diet. Yes, I was nine years old when I was put on my first diet. No, my mother is not “Mommie Dearest.” She grew up in the 40s and 50s when a wasp waist was close to godliness and really started adulting in the 60s during the sexual revolution. She managed to emigrate from the Dominican Republic to New York City in the 70s during the heyday of disco frailty and Studio 54 (where I may or may not have been conceived…). Let’s just say a healthy body image was not a priority. Let’s also just admit that we didn’t pop out onto the scene immediately wanting to be strong, okay? Okay. More on that later so we don’t get all Freudian. (Avoid the Freud.)

It’s the 2nd day of the new year and today I had my first workout with Shannon. The important things for you to know: right now I’m drinking a delightful Nigori Sake; I train with Shannon once per week; I take my food and drink as seriously as I take my attempt to get strong; and I am excited to share all of me with all of you to keep myself accountable and to encourage you all to build your health the way you want it to look and feel.

I have been working with Shannon for about a year and a half and I admit the anticipation of today’s workout had me slightly nervous. I took the final 2 weeks of 2017 to indulge in the kind of debauchery for which you’ll need to use your imagination, but it certainly did not include any visits to the gym. (I did get in some very cold walks, though.) Since I’m writing this now you already know that I didn’t die during my first workout back. In fact, I felt pretty great and indulged in some lovely whirlpool-steam-room-sauna-time afterwards!

The reason I didn’t die is because Shannon reminded me of ALL the progress I had made since I first started training with her. It didn’t really register while we were working out because I was just focused on getting through our session, but hours later it totally hit me like a ton of bricks (that I could lift from the ground and hurl over a wall with my newly found strength): I MADE PROGRESS! I was flexible in a way I wasn’t before. I was strong in a new way. I could lift in a new way. And you know what? I keep coming back.

Let’s fast forward to April, 2018: I am still training with Shannon and still trying to form a habit of moving my body and filling it with food that makes it happy and strong. This, right here and right now, is my goal setting. Welcome to my journey.

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