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The (WO)Man withThe Plan

Hey friends, remember all those goals and numbers from the last Whole Hedonist post? Yeah I forgot about them too, just like I said I would. Ok I haven’t forgotten about them, but they’re in the background taking a nap. Now it’s time for me to put up and shut up. Coincidentally, I like to put up my hands for boxing and I like to shut up for planks with knee flexion (no really, planks are just about the only exercise where I require absolute silence from myself and Shannon). But, I digress…

Since my last post, I’ve been giving thought to how I am going to start this process of getting reacquainted with my body and I had allllllllll these grand plans of the 15,000 things I was going to do right every single day like go to bed at 8:30pm, wake up at 6am to workout, cook all of my meals at home, never eat evil sugar, lay off the sauce, get my five servings of vegetables 24/7/365. I got tired even writing that. Luckily, I have a trainer who has a more measured approach and knows when I’m getting overly ambitious. Double luckily, I am already engaged in a strength training program that ebbs and flows so I know how to move my body. In the interest of balancing my movement with better eating habits, I’ve kicked off my Precision Nutrition ProCoach (PN) life! Oh, and hey look at that, Shannon is PN-certified in addition to being my trainer! How convenient is that?

For those of you unfamiliar with it, ProCoach is nutrition coaching that’s pretty realistic and simple and online. You login to the site, get one lesson a day via podcast or readable (on your device of choice) and it’s about building long-lasting habits instead of dieting. PN is all about the “1-habit method” where you focus on mastering 1 habit for 2 weeks at a time. The idea is to build lifelong habits that stick. Rather than putting the focus on what you eat, PN points you in the direction of how you eat. While there eventually is some focus on the what of eating, the platform even works for folks with food intolerances or dietary restrictions. Your personal coach checks in on your progress and cheers you on so you keep going. Even if you miss a lesson, or a week’s worth of lessons, or if you fall completely off the wagon careening into a pile of cookies n’ creme… Not that I would do such a thing, like, EVER. Even if I did (I DIDN’T) my coach is still coming through with the encouragement to just keep moving on. This is a progression I can live with. Note, I said it’s simple but I have no illusions about it being easy.

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