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SELF Care Sundaes

Hey! I am writing live and direct from 3 strength workouts. ON MY OWN. NO TRAINER (I did miss her terribly, though…) For one of them I even came all the way home, changed into my workout clothes, and left the house again! Wild, right?!? Right! The funny thing is, it didn’t feel wild at all and this week, I’m telling you why.

It all started with the SELF Magazine cover heard around the world:

This glorious cover photo landed on my Instagram timeline and I did a double-take on where it came from. I have followed Tess Holliday’s trajectory through the body positivity movement, but somehow I had missed all the conversation about her health. I’m not going to get into it, you should click on the picture above and read the interview for yourself. In fact, read the whole issue and all the writing. There were a few things that struck me about the Tess Holliday interview:

  1. The location: Disneyland AKA The Happiest Place on Earth™ where both the interviewer and Tess herself remark what it means to be able to fit a larger body “into” (note: “into” is my phrasing) an amusement park.

  2. This was the cover of an ENTIRE issue of a health magazine on weight that did not immediately jump into how to lose it. AGAIN: I urge you to read all of the pieces in this issue...

  3. The biggest takeaway I got is that self-care looks different for everybody.

Having just completed my 3rd workout that I promised myself (and all of you in my last post) reading this piece affirmed the reason why I didn’t feel like those workouts were a chore. Those workouts were my self-care. Moving my body IS my self-care from the deadlifts to the Body Jam class to the reckless dancing at a party. I came to the realization that it feels damn good and it has nothing to do with anyone but me. While I did not celebrate my workout win by shoveling a ton of food in my mouth or passing out from exhaustion, I did enjoy the most fantastic ice cream sundae this weekend. I ate it deliberately, slowly, and savored every bit of it for no other reason than I wanted to. Tomorrow, I will move my body with the same intention I put into eating that sundae and I’ll keep repeating that action until it’s no longer revolutionary to move and feed my body the way I choose to.

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