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Fitness FOMO

This is NOT Sparta! It’s Massachusetts.

With all of the fitness info floating in the world, you would have a tendency to believe you have to run through fire, crawl through mud, eat a dozen raw eggs, smite your enemies trying to charge your city and invite 300 of your closest friends with well-developed abdominals to help you get through it all. Sound about right? Not to me.

What does sound right is the trade off you have to make to get fitter. Do you stay out late drinking OR do you work out in the morning? Do you sleep in Saturday morning or do you go for a run? Do you go to brunch or go to yoga? You get where I’m going with this. I’m not saying you can’t have it both ways. What kind of Whole Hedonist would I be if I did not occasionally reward my deadlift PR with a 50/50 Gin Martini? What I am saying is that you make a choice each time. Hence, Fitness FOMO.

It’s a funny thing this working out and eating better. It’s lonely. Yeah I said it. Unless I am working with a trainer, my strength workouts are solitary. Body Jam, Zumba, or Yoga? There may be 40 people in the room but I’m in and out before the chatter starts. Of course, Shannon will tell you how dang popular I am. (I can’t help but be lovable…) Partner training? Pretty rare that it works for me unless the partner is focused and mean-mugging with me or being a wiseass like I can be. Could I workout with friends? Sure, but if any of you reading have ever tried to gather a group of friends to watch a movie, then you know the planning and coordination take almost as long as the movie itself. No thanks. Hmmm, maybe I need to refresh the friend group.

This choice I have made to change the way I move my body requires that I change the way I use my time. This means there are going to be things I miss out on. I will miss out on bar nights, dinners out, cigars enjoyed, choco tacos consumed, and a host of other pleasurable activities… The thing is that these workouts ARE pleasurable. There is a thing that happens when the right song is on the playlist and my form is perfect and I’ve put extra weight on by mistake and I squeeze out that extra rep that thrills me. Then I do it again, and I find time to fit in some time in the steam room. The next time I do it, I might have a glass of wine that same night. That glass of wine is going to taste even better because I’ve not only put in some work, but because I’ve taken the time to listen to my body and what it wants. You see? It’s already working for me because I am not denying one thing for another, I am just stopping to ask myself “Is it worth it?” every single time the choices present themselves. That makes me feel like I’m getting it in as opposed to missing out.

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