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One Bottle Per Day

Wine. And. Eggs.

The Master Cleanse.


The Grapefruit Diet.


Jenny Craig.

Weight Watchers.

The Ice Cream Diet.

Blueprint Cleanse.

No, I did not just list out my groceries for the week. Nor is this a list of my hopes and dreams for the future. If that was the case it would look pretty bleak unless I only drank wine and ate ice cream. What you see above is a number of different diets and eating plans. Have I tried them? Yes. SOME of them. Will I tell you which ones? Nope. Am I going to link you to them? NOPE. Google is free and I am not recommending or maligning any of these because I am not a professional but, more importantly, I cannot tell you what works for you. If you’d like to follow Vogue magazine’s advice from the 70s (Thanks reddit, for unearthing that photographic gem!) and down an entire bottle of white wine in a day, go for it! The hedonist in me salutes you! That doesn’t work for me since I prefer champagne.

What this list tells me is that we all have a lot to figure out and that there is not a single way of doing things, cooking things, drinking things or eating things…. Figuring it out has been my theme for these past couple of weeks. I am really starting to notice that I am giving a fuck about what goes into my mouth not just because it’s delicious, but because it makes my body feel a certain way. The minute I filter out all the “diet” noise, I start to realize that paying attention to my food is actually a way of taking care of myself and that the more I pay attention, the better it tastes. Soon enough, eating is not about dulling boredom but about indulging my senses with the food I consume. I am taking time with this because I’m dope and I do dope shit and I don’t need to rush into changes for life.

I’ll keep you all posted on that one bottle of wine per day thing. You know, for science.

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