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Hey friends! I’ve missed you…

When we last convened, I was going through it. The nice thing about through it? Coming out on the other side of it!

All of the things I didn’t do were piling up until I started taking little steps to get back to a baseline. I started back on my meds (yay to good mental hygiene!) Then I hopped back on my nutrition train. Then I layered in physical activity slowly but surely. While I’m not full steam ahead on every single part of it, I am making these tiny moves in the right direction. That feels really good.

One big move I made was coming back to yoga. Not just any yoga, but the first yoga I ever did and truly the only style of yoga I have done: Afro Flow Yoga. I first found AFY at a similar low point 8 years ago. I was freshly and unceremoniously dumped from a long-term relationship THE DAY BEFORE I learned about the class. So with all my new found “To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left” energy I went to the class. I had NEVER done yoga before but AFY’s combo of all-levels-flow with African dance and live drumming hooked me right in and has kept me flowing ever since.

Afro Flow Yoga, and the people I’ve come to know and love because of it, have become a touch point for me in ways I don’t think I realized until very recently. So I come to you reinvigorated and ready to reinhabit my body. See you all on the gym floor, or on the mat, or on the bike trail, or in your roller skates...

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