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Welcome to the very first edition of Funnies for Fitness! Each month, I address questions and concerns about fitness via comic strip. Topics can include nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, and the many obstacles that get in the way of mastering them. I aim to provide guidance, giggles, or (hopefully) both.

Jessica asks:

I have a question about fueling for a workout. Sometimes when I’m being consistent at the gym, I just have very low energy. As far as I can tell, I’m eating and sleeping more or less normally, but there are days when there is just very little juice inside for the workout — even if it’s one I’m really looking forward to!

So I guess my question is how does one organize nutrition for optimal fueling along the way?



Hi Jessica,

Great question! It sounds like you’ve changed one aspect of your routine (how much you exercise) but not other factors (sleeping and eating).

Try this checklist to organize the changes you might need to make…

Hope this helps!

— Mandy

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Mandy Zerillo is a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. While one-on-one fitness training is her vocation for over six years, doodling has been her hobby and, for the most part, it has kept her busy and out of trouble.

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