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Salutations, Feminists!

Someone asked me a great question this month and it’s one I think we can all relate to: How do you push through the anxiety of working out around people? As a native New Englander, I totally understand the hesitation to even sustain eye contact, nevermind the vulnerability of challenging myself physically in front of strangers doing the same.

But there’s hope.

Start by just taking up space at your gym in any way that makes you feel confident. Grab a mat and stretch, or grab a yoga mat and sit in the back of class. Before you start, imagine yourself doing the exercises you’d like to try in the spaces you’d like to occupy without the pressure to do all these things immediately. If you struggle with negative self-talk, have a positive script ready to argue against those doubts. Does a little voice tell you that you’ll look stupid trying out a new class? Answer back! Everyone in that class had a first day!

Also, compliment everyone, either in your head or aloud if you’re feeling up for it. Why? Because you’ll remind yourself that your fellow gym members are not your competitors. They are other flawed and amazing humans; recognizing that fact in others is a constant reminder to yourself that you, too, belong at the gym, free from judgment.

I hope this helps! Any trick that bolsters your confidence is another step into a space you can call your own. If anyone has their own ideas that I’ve missed, feel free to comment below.


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