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A Dynamic Warm Up for Your Hikes (and Runs)

It's the most wonderful time of the year…. It's hiking season in New England and that means that we get to hit the mountains and enjoy some beautiful views!

View from Welch Dickey, New Hampshire, June 2019

But how do you warm up for a hike? Here is a quick dynamic warm up that I adapted from a Runner’s World article that I read about a decade ago. (Yes, I said it was from a Runner’s World article; you can also use this before your runs — I do it all the time.)

This warm up focuses on your hips (in all directions), quads, hamstrings, and calves. So strap on your backpack, grab the nearest tree, and start doing those leg swings!

Dynamic Warm Up for Hiking (or Running)

Complete 8-10 reps per side once or twice (depending on how tight you feel) right before your hike

Leg swings: forward and back

Leg swings: side to side

Rear lunges with arms up/out (Stole this one from Meg Julian back in the day. Thanks Meg!)

Side squats

Dynamic calf stretches

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