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Summer Bodies Are Made All Year

So. Let’s talk about that mannequin. You know the one. The Nike mannequin that everybody has been talking about? Yup, that one. Take a good look at the picture in this post. That mannequin and I? We are one in the same. Bravo to Nike for showing a range of sizes as athletes. Bravo to all of the amazing commentary blasting the original hater for being fatphobic and condescending. Bravo to me for not really talking or thinking about this until now.

I say that because I’ve spent an entire life hearing about what I shouldn’t do or shouldn’t wear because of the size of my body. I’ll never forget the family member who responded to me twisting an ankle from playing volleyball by saying “you know people our size just aren’t meant to move like that” and pushed a lean cuisine meal onto my lap while I was icing and elevating. I remember feeling the rage in my face when I heard it and then going back to volleyball a week later out of spite. As an adult, this weird, self-hating fat-shaming doesn’t affect me most days, but I’m definitely in a moment where it’s hitting me a bit harder due to a long stretch of inactivity. Seeing this mannequin tall, stretching, taking up space and posed mid-move with a bare midriff reminds me that I can move whenever and however I want in whatever outfit I choose.

For this summer, I’m going to spend as little time as possible worrying about what I’m wearing. I’m going to grill in cut off shorts and swim in a bikini and not even give it a second thought. I’m also going to take a brief pause from writing so I can get outside more. This body has been waiting for summer all year and I can’t wait to jump right in! See you all at the beach!

The Fitness for Feminists blog (Whole Hedonist included) is going on hiatus until fall. We’ve got mountains to hike and waves to bodysurf, people!

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